RiskTech100® 2018

Welcome to RiskTech100® 2018, the flagship report of Chartis Research. Now in its twelfth year, RiskTech100® is globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive independent study of the world’s major players in risk and compliance technology.

RiskTech is a fast-moving market, and 2017 has given us much to consider as the shifting landscape continues to create opportunities and challenges. As noted in the Key Trends section, ever more sophisticated technology is being embedded in firms’ day-to-day operations, a trend that is broadening the scope and relevance of RiskTech. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, for example, are exerting a far greater influence on institutions’ risk management activities. Robot-led doomsday scenarios may still be some way off, but a new wave of technological transformation, through better implementation and supporting technologies, is now yielding tangible business benefits across the risk management space.

Financial crime is one area in particular where this wave is having a powerful impact. For example, in the wake of well-publicized scandals, acquiring and implementing effective trader surveillance has now become an urgent priority for many organizations. This year, RiskTech100® features an excerpt from a recently published joint report by Chartis and our research partner EY, highlighting the key elements of an effective trader surveillance system.

Big trends then are shaping our industry, and a diverse community of vendors exists to satisfy the needs they create. Alongside this year’s RiskTech100® though, there exists a thriving ecosystem of innovative, niche vendors operating right along the risk technology value chain. For the first time, we take note of these ‘Rising Stars’, recognizing their potential in a new awards category for 2018.

Going forward, Chartis remains committed to its goal: delivering trusted advice and clarity of insight on all aspects of the risk, finance and compliance technology markets. RiskTech100® remains a cornerstone of that strategy, and we look forward to interesting and exciting times ahead.